The Pleasure is all mine …


Words are just a stream of alphabets with no relevance,

You are the one who add to the meaning.

Pictures are just a moment without a motion

You are the one who add to the beauty.


Waiting is just a passage of time without limits,

You are the one who add to the taste.


Poetry is just an art with meaning, taste and beauty,

You are the one who add to the theme.



The Lost Souls

{ Last night they heard whispers,

        The sleeping souls woke up. }


They say two Two Roads diverge into the woods, You took the wrong one .

The lost souls encountered Angels !


The path had been dark and black, You were a stranger.

The lost souls were the citizens !


Humming through the streets, You lit up the deserted road.

The lost souls lost their identity !

Democratic agitation against Undemocratic Govt. !!

dance of democracy

Anna Hazare’s upcoming fast against graft from 16 august has created a fresh uproar in Indian parliament whose walls have already been destabilized by Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev’s earlier blows of hunger strikes.

It all started when a man from nowhere rose up against the rising corruption using Gandhian style Hunger strike as his shield. The government totally got shaken and just couldn’t ignore the rising influence of this man named “Anna Hazare” and agreed to have a Lokpal committee to satisfy him.

Just when we thought it was enough torture for our politicians there came this saffron clad yoga guru popularly known as “Baba Ramdev” who took the agitation against corruption to a new high by including “Black Money” in his agenda. His indefinite hunger strike went through a series of dramatic sequences and ultimately went into oblivion when our govt. took every drastic step possible to curb down such anti-graft movements.

The media and the common men kept blaming the govt. for using unconstitutional means but our politicians didn’t mind it at all as they believe in the notion “dogs keep barking” . It was all going smooth until the govt. began to show its real intentions on The Lokpal bill when they discarded all the suggestions of civilians under Lokpal committee and just followed their version of the bill.

Anna Hazare and gang which now have a celebrity status felt cheated and threatened govt. to include the clauses drafted by them. As expected Govt. started imposing charges of being undemocratic on Hazare and gang. The Hazare Gang now sure of the success of their next “Fast against corruption” have decided to come in full force against the Govt. by starting an all new movement.

It is perhaps an unfortunate time for Indian Democracy when its principles and clauses are being redefined by the people, for the people and to the people. Our representatives are the ones whom we select by giving our vote or can it be any one with a mass following to influence our constitutional process?

Although its not easy to digest that Anna Hazare is people’s representative because he hasn’t got the democratic right of being called our leader but than Are our politicians (the actual representatives) really representing their people ?

Pursuit of an unknown !!

{ I have always longed to meet you.

  But meetings are for the abled ones.

  I have been chasing you in my dreams.

  But here your trail leaves no mark. }


You speak a lot , I see a lot.

I say a lot and You hear not.


You have a world, I have a chamber.

I stay in your world and you live in my chamber.


I walk so slow, I move so fast.

You are my friend and You are my foe.