Sony SRS – D5 2.1ch Speakers

Sony SRS - D5 2.1ch Multimedia Speakers

Its been more than a week since i bought these truly awesome speakers. I had ordered them from at Rs.2569 (free home delivery ) ;). It was indeed a big gamble buying these speakers as these are totally new in market and there were hardly any reviews available on internet. I had already seen Creative, Logitech and Altec Lansing’ 2.1 speaker systems but I was never fond of them and i wanted to try new. Sony’s brand name and the affordability of the speakers helped me convince to go for it. Never has there been a single moment when i have lamented this decision of mine. Now coming to the review of Sony SRS – D5 i would like to summarize it down in following points:

  • The Sub-woofer Bass is just brilliant and when i played “Woofer testing Songs”, the room was full of the vibrations and it was damn soothing. Even when you play normal songs, You can adjust the bass according to your requirements and when you don’t want any bass,trust me, at min. Bass you will hardly notice the presence of sub woofer and vice versa.
  • Listening to Music is awesome as the sound quality of speakers is superb. At highest Volume also, there are no crackling sounds. All the voices are clear and enticing.
  • The maximum volume is loud enough for a normal room but don’t expect too much volume level as the focus of these speakers has been on quality and not on the loudness.
  • Watching Movies is truly amazing with these speakers. The Sub-woofers do an excellent job in boosting low frequency sounds and speakers give good surround sound effects too. If you are watching a horror or action movie with a lot of sound effects, these speakers won’t let you down and you will end up watching one movie after the other .
  • For Gaming too, these speakers are delightful. In fact, these Speakers have been built with more focus on Gaming though they are completely an ideal Multimedia Speakers. Playing Counter Strike, Need for Speed or just any game will be a treat on these speakers.

I might sound biased as I am all full of praises for these speakers but if you are looking for a good set of speakers within Rs 3000 than SONY SRS – D5 2.1 Speakers is perhaps the best choice. Here are the Specifications from Sony’s website :

Speaker System Full Range
Speaker System (Satellite) Magnetically-Shielded
Power Output (Satellite) 10W + 10W
Power Output (Subwoofer) 20W
Speaker (Diameter) Satellite: 60mm, Subwoofer: 115mm
Speaker Impedance Satellite: 8ohms, Subwoofer: 3.6ohms
Amplifier Input Impedance 6 kohms (at 1 kHz)
Input Connecting cord with stereo mini plug (approx. 1.5 m) × 1
Output Stereo mini jack × 1
Speaker Cable Satellite (approx. 1.5 m) x 1, Subwoofer (approx. 2 m) x 1
Power Source DC 13V (supplied AC power adaptor)
Dimensions (W x H x D) (Satellite Speakers) Approx. 109 × 203 × 135 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) (Subwoofer) Approx. 193 × 243 × 233 mm
Weight Satellite Speakers: Approx. 680g (Left), Approx. 610g (Right), Subwoofer: Approx. 2,450g.
Supplied Accessories AC power adaptor x 1, Operating Instructions x 1, AC power cord x 1

6 thoughts on “Sony SRS – D5 2.1ch Speakers

  1. Thanks for your informative review. I am also looking to buy these ones soon. Is it a pleasure to play games with these speakers? I will be using them mostly for gaming.


  2. Thanks for reply. Do you think any other speaker set competes with it at that price point? Philips SPA5300 looks good. Once again thanks for the review.


    • I hav no idea of Philips SPA5300 . I dont remember the model names but I have listened to almost all the models of Logitech,Altec Lansing and Creative which are available below Rs 2000. I would suggest you go to a Speakers Shop and check out all the available models yourself. I don’t have much information on speakers or any gadgets. Whatever little I knew about my speakers I have posted on my blog. Sorry but you should consult someone else if you want to seek proper advise on purchasing right Speakers for you. Thanks for reading my review . I hope it helped you a little atleast 🙂


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