Seven Samurai (1954)

>>–Never thought that a 3 n half hr ,1950s,black and white would be so charming.–<<

I saw this movie yesterday as a part of my assignment for one of my courses “Cinematic Art”. My teacher said it is one of the classic movies of Akira Kurosawa,whose name i had never heard before. Well i had to wake up till 3 am in the morning to finish watching this “classic” movie but now when its over i am still getting the glimpses of the movie in my mind. It is hallucinating me !!

Now to begin with the review , this movie is ranked #13 in the IMDB TOP 250 which it truly deserves and has an IMDB rating of 8/10.

This is the story of Samurais and villagers fighting for the farmers’ plight against the bandits. But it is infact,more than that as it includes various social issues and human values as well.It is based upon 16th century Japenese village and deals with the life of farmers during those times.

The movie begins with the bandits passing by a village which they have already looted before and this time they plan to loot them again when the harvest is done. The villagers get to know about their intentions and they all lament at their inability to do anything to help themselves. The village old man decides to hire Samurais to defend their village against the bandits. The poor villagers with nothing to offer except the daily meals of rice somehow convince a Samurai who then hires another six for the same purpose. These seven Samurais make a strategic plan to defend the village and they even train villagers to fight. At last they succeed in defending the village but at the cost of 4 Samurais. (It might be a spoiler but trust me there is no need to panic because it is much more than just storyline 🙂  ) 

The farmers’ plight and misery has been shown with utmost brilliance throughout the movie. The cast choosen for the farmers as well as the Samurais is true to their characters. In fact, the whole scenery used in the movie is so realistic that you will be totally immersed in the movie. Every scene,every emotion has been given adequate emphasis, which explains why it is so long but then if you cut down a minute, you cut down a whole lot of entertainment so don’t bother about the length of the movie. The way Samurais fight and the plan they make is a sheer pleasure to watch. The character of the seventh Samurai(who is not actually a Samurai 😉 ) is the most entertaining and thought provoking. Toshirô Mifune deserves a hats off for his brilliant acting.

The movie touches upon a lot of social issues as well as the human values which again is quite compelling. Watch this movie only if you are ready to enjoy a long drive as it is not a one-time-watch and you must watch this movie the way you drink tea, going easy sip by sip !!


5 thoughts on “Seven Samurai (1954)

  1. I loved this… I truly enjoy the old Samurai classics in black and white, they were more truthful in capturing the old ways. My all time favorite is Zatoichi Monogatari, most of the ‘what’ 26 episodes…when I was younger they only had three channels on TV, Saturdays they played ‘Kung Fu theater’ and played two old Chinese classics, most of the time I’d turn the volume off and make up what they were saying… this post took me back to a time when life was young,,,in the spring of life… thank you!


  2. Really this was a wonderful review, for a fantastic movie. In fact I was just writing one for my blog, and was looking for pictures, just happened to stumble upon these posters, the best ones I’ve seen for Seven Samurai. Also, related more to my blog post, to whom should I credit the second poster?


    • Thanks for appreciating my review.
      You can directly download and use the pictures… do not credit me for the images as I too have downloaded them from somewhere.


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