Being Human

I was born in a world where it is considered lucky to be born a human!

Being Human has its advantages. You are the smartest creature on the planet with an intelligence quotient far more superior to any other living being.

I won’t go into details of the luxuries one’s soul gets when in a human flesh nor will I comment on disabilities or handicapped versions of Homo sapiens.

Being a human myself who is smart enough to write this, I want to ask a question to the authority(if any)(well it should be as per human brain)  — WHY ME?

I perhaps would have been better as a cockroach crawling in his own world without giving a damn to the outside nuclear warfare.

Oh yes I mean it especially after spending 2 decades in this world dealing with all the adversaries as well as the cocktail times.

The matters of mind are all so like puzzles, all solvable even if difficult sometimes.

But these fuckin matters of HEART….the fuckin EMOTIONS……I feel so damn pissed off with these senseful and logical yet so incomprehensible hormone inducing bitches……..


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