A Separation (2011)

A Separation 2011

“Just when I was wondering how will the world cinema be able to make movies which will be as glorious as some of the splendid IMDB top 250 movies, there came this superb Iranian movie which assured me that quality cinema will never die.”

I rarely watch a movie twice and have no time and patience for poorly rated movies. “A separation” happens to be among those rare movies which will leave a permanent foot-print in your mind and mesmerize you with its heart touching story and flawless acting. It is currently rated 8.6/10 and ranked #75 in IMDB top 250– , a fitting place for this legendary movie though I would have loved to see it in top 10. Nevertheless, this movie has been winning awards worldwide and is in race for OSCAR awards in 2 categories viz,Best Foreign Language Film of the Year & Best Writing, Original Screenplay. I would advise you to check out the storyline,plot and more authentic Reviews and Awards on A Separation’s IMDB page.

As its an Iranian movie, I was hesitant to see it since I would have to understand all the movie on the basis of subtitles and I thought it would be more like reading a novel with pictures but when I started watching it, I was totally lost in the movie and it seemed as if the characters were speaking in English.

This movie will make you realize that there is a thin boundary line between good and bad as well as selfishness and selflessness. It is a story of two families who are right and wrong simultaneously but must follow both these paths to sustain their families. The end scene of the story where a daughter has to choose between her father and mother is the best climax i have ever seen. The movie leaves you pondering who will the girl choose and this is in fact the whole theme of the movie, “A Separation’ where it aptly shows that sometimes you just cant choose a side and “a separation” is therefore an apt title for this masterpiece.

The true to life portrayal of characters is the real beauty of this movie besides its awesome story. The whole set of the movie is natural household of a common man. There is no unnecessary glamor. This is in fact more of a theatrical movie where the camera is always focusing on people. The emotions have been extensively captured on camera and there is life in each character. the following are the main characters of the movie :

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