Driving in Rain

Driving in Rain

“There are some heavenly pleasures which Nature provides you with which you just cannot buy with all the money in the world and one such Pleasure is THE RAIN”

I am just sitting in my room looking outside at the pleasant weather which will soon give way for heavy rains perhaps. As children, me and my friends used to bathe in heavenly Rains and the whole road was our pool flooded with water. Getting drenched in rain-water is something I have enjoyed the most in my life and I still cherish those moments full of gratitude for being born in this beautiful world.

childhood rain

I am thinking of the times when I had just taken my Scooter for a ride in a similar pleasant weather and soon it was raining cats and dogs. The next thing I remember is I was cruising past through the heavy rains splashing the water on road sideways like a giant ship cutting through the water in deep sea. The rain drops falling like arrows from a giant dome shaped bow. I was completely drenched from head to toe and still I wished for more to drown me completely. I was “Singing in the Rain” and that little part of my life is what I recall as PURE HAPPINESS.

Driving in Rain


One thought on “Driving in Rain

  1. There really is something special about being out in the rain, today I was on my home on the bus and I got off earlier to run the last stretch home in the rain. I felt about 12 years old it was great!


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