Race for Raisina Hill

The 2012 Indian Presidential Race is currently making headlines all over the news daily. The drama being unfolded by the political parties has more twists and masala than any Indian mainstream movie. The suspense over the candidates’ list keeps getting more cloudy as the days come near for elections. As of now the ruling party,Congress has nominated the current Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee{top-left in pic} and the current vice-President Mohammad Hamid Ansari{top-right in pic}. However UPA’s most notorious ally Trinamool congress(TMC) hasn’t agreed to these names and instead given the following three names viz,Ex-Presdient APJ Abdul Kalam{bottom-middle in pic}, PM Manmohan Singh{bottom-left in pic} and Ex-Lok sabha speaker Somnath Chatterjee{bottom-right in pic}.

2012 : Race for India’s President

Selecting the most favorable candidate for the President’s post  might have become a head-ache for the political parties but considering the list of names currently on the table, the common man undoubtedly wants Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam again for the most prestigious post. He has a clean track record and had given the President’s post a meaningful role while in power. Unlike the current President Pratibha Patil who has only taken down the presidential post to lowest levels, Mr. Kalam is still very popular among the masses. Rest of the candidates stand nowhere near in competition to this Scientist if merit is taken into account. Sadly, the merit is not a criteria for the selection of President otherwise there wont have been any issue regarding the race. The scam-tainted and corrupt politicians will decide their fate and we can only spectate and lament this political turf which will break hearts of many if someone else other than Dr. Kalam is selected to preside at Raisina Hill.

Lets just hope that whoever is chosen as THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA will actually do something meaningful.


3 thoughts on “Race for Raisina Hill

    • Though I dont wanna believe it but sadly looking at the latest developments its now almost certain that Pranab Daa will be our new President.


  1. another wild card entry into the Presidential elections- PA Sanghma…. Representing the tribals and with a strong backing from NDA, he is now the only opponent for Pranab Daa. Kalam has already decided not to stand.


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