Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day - 1993

Groundhog Day – 1993

“it is entertaining, romantic, comic, full of fantasy and full of life !!”
It has been a long time since I watched a movie with a relaxed mind due to my busy schedule . I was just browsing through the movies I had downloaded on my computer and I decided to watch this flick after assuming it to be some thought provoking powerful movie but it was not what I had imagined it to be and as the movie took on with its theme, it engulfed me with all my attention and I was in aww throughout the whole movie. The excitement it created especially after he starts revisiting the Groundhog Day again and again made me feel so good and relaxed that I am still feeling so good as I continue writing this review.

I admit the protagonist doesn’t seem much attractive in the beginning but his sarcasm and his dialogue delivery will soon win your heart. You begin to imagine the possible scenarios if one happens to be among the same situation and our hero fulfills all your hopes with a stylish grace. The way he evolves himself to win over her love is stupendous. His desperate attempts to make her fall in love with him goes in vain initially but when he actually changes himself for the girl he finds her buying him with whole heart.

Bill Murray is undoubtedly the real star of the movie and Andie MacDowell too has been successfull in showing herself as a girl of real substance whom anyone would want to fall in love with. Overall, this movie is excellent which it should be as it currently rated as IMDB top 250 # 177. Do watch it and tell everyone else too !


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