The Extra-Terrestrial Night of the Union

The Extra Terrestrial Night

The Extra Terrestrial Night

I must have been hallucinating
When I went over the roof last night

An ordinary ambiance of starry sky
A little cold under the moonlit hive

A half lit bulb over the other house
A half built pole gazing his spouse

The murmurs of the mosquitoes
The honks of the trains

And piercing the horizon, came the breeze
Bombarding me along the periphery of trees

And while the sounds were numb
I became one…
One with the sky and one with the night..

The half lit stars were twinkling inside my eyes
I had reached the sky along the pole with blinking lights

I was up while I was down
I was unanimously all around

I was raining, I was shining,
I was drifting, i was gliding,
I was roaring, I was thundering

And there came this faint whisper from the devilish twister,
“Attention !”

The rain froze, the lights dimmed,
The pupils dilated and the night paused

While I go up the roof tonight,
Under the ordinary ambiance of the ordinary nights,
My heart still searches for those extraordinary sights.


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