Ghazab Teri Ada : Review

Ghazab Teri Ada

Ghazab Teri Ada

Ghazab Teri Ada“, a comic musical Theatre was presented at Abhimanch, National School of Drama (NSD) from 19 to 23 November by the NSD Repertory Company.
Under the experienced direction of the iconic NSD Director, Prof. Waman Kendre,  the play has been aptly projected as a tribute to the war victims on First World War ‘s 100th anniversary.
“Ghazab Teri Ada” is a reinterpretation of “No Sex Please”,written by Waman Kendre and is based on the comic Greek play, ‘Lysistrata’ by Aristophanes . The Music and Choreography are the main guiding forces of the play which have been augmented with proper justice by the highly talented actors of the NSD Repertory.
The play opens with a War-thirsty King addressing his soldiers to go to the battlefield to commemorate his 100th war adventure. The lively comic scene brings out the fake empathy of the King towards his kingdom as he is only bothered about adding more glorious wins to his ancestral crown and worries least about the agony and sufferings of his kingdom. The greed for power and hunger for occupying limitless materialistic possessions has been shown with utmost significance as it is the primal reason behind any war.
Throughout the play, the display of modern motion pictures through a projector adds more relevance to the play as it bridges the gap between  the current time period and the hypothetically older time frame of the play. The scenes of destruction of various wars such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam and WTC have also been incorporated in the videos which were shown by the chorus when the King asks for the news about the ongoing war.
The forceful influx of war widows of the defeated country brings the winds of change in the women circle of the kingdom when they see the helplessness and incomprehensible pain of  those widows. Realizing the horrors of such a destructive war, the women decide that they must all unite together and stop any subsequent wars from taking place to avoid any such mishaps in their own kingdom. So when then sex-starved victorious soldiers return back home, they are taken aback by the “no sex until warfare stops” condition of their wives.
The men try everything under their power to bring them down but in vain. The socially low status of women and their treatment as sex objects by the men, shown in this play is very much a harsh reality of our modern times as well. The frustrated men rush to their King for help. The king, completely lost in thoughts of sharing bed with his queen, urges his soldiers to go for another war instead. But this time, the soldiers refuse as they find the ongoing no-sex status with their wives as highly disturbing and of utmost importance.
Ultimately, the queen too joins the women rebellion and the King and the rest of the men have to bow down to their pursuit. The non-violence wins over the violent tendencies and the peace and the harmony prevails.
Although the overall non-violence message of “Ghazab teri ada” has not been projected very powerfully but it should be watched for its melodious musical choirs and vivid choreography complemented with hilarious dialogues.

ghazab teri ada Ghazab teri ada


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