About Me

Tarosh Rao

Tarosh Rao

My fingers were feeling restless so I thought of coming up with an all new Blog to explore a new me unkwnown to my known world. I hope you like and retain what u see on this site 🙂


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great!!!!!!! and AWESOME!

    You’re a great poet TR, i do love writing poems and stories too. I really love writing and that’s why I proposed to have a blog to share my handmade efforts to the world. And Wow, we have the same template theme before I changed my profile template. I love it….

    Aside from my wordpress blog (http://aljonpartz.wordpress.com/), I also have another one … you could crawl to it here: http://jonpageblog.blogspot.com/, i posted there any relevant topics trending now in this world of new modernization….. My city, my life and my passion of writing and simple photography.

    I love reading your poems and by that i really want to be updated by your new posts… please allow me to subscribe your blog.




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