I Am Not Guilty

pursuit for freedom


I know you are now more important to me than my own self…
I also know that you might not be aware of it yet but somehow i assume you should know by now !!

I still can’t fathom how our paths crossed when we were supposed to be on different roads…
Perhaps the world as they say is indeed small enough for people like us to share a boat..

I have been on this track before and trust me i didn’t want to follow it again..
But as they say what goes around comes back around so please don’t charge me guilty for this crime…

I have already had many sleepless nights..
I have already had many clashes with my conscience…
But as they say, a sound sleep is what a healthy mind needs..
And wars only cause pain !!

I must admit i am now suffering from addiction too…
No i don’t smoke and nor do i drink….
But yes i admit i have smelled your beauty and i have drank your innocence..
And not just once but for many days i was forced to to do all that…

Ask my room fan how lonely i felt when i was made high….
Ask my guitar how erotic i felt when i touched its strings….
Coz only they have been the witnessess on crime scene !!

I know i am responsible for all the blunders going on.
I know whatever is going on is all due to me..
But for once just exchange a pair of shoes with me …
And You will know how clumsy my shoe is !!

So, i request you to free me from this jail,
As I want to live my life again with no pain.

I request you to send me home again.
I wanna meet myself in a happy state.

And I know its too much to ask for,
But all i wanna do now is find solace !!

freedom from guilt

The Lost Souls

{ Last night they heard whispers,

        The sleeping souls woke up. }


They say two Two Roads diverge into the woods, You took the wrong one .

The lost souls encountered Angels !


The path had been dark and black, You were a stranger.

The lost souls were the citizens !


Humming through the streets, You lit up the deserted road.

The lost souls lost their identity !

Pursuit of an unknown !!

{ I have always longed to meet you.

  But meetings are for the abled ones.

  I have been chasing you in my dreams.

  But here your trail leaves no mark. }


You speak a lot , I see a lot.

I say a lot and You hear not.


You have a world, I have a chamber.

I stay in your world and you live in my chamber.


I walk so slow, I move so fast.

You are my friend and You are my foe.